Our Story and Our Goals

Holmes & Holmes Insurance Agency is family-owned and operated and has served the insurance needs of Goleta and Santa Barbara, California since 1960.  We serve both personal and commercial lines and are licensed in 11 other states.

Being an Independent Insurance Agency is something we’re very proud of.  It allows us to select coverage from a number of insurance carriers, which provide clients with variety and opportunities to find the insurance that suits them best.  It also enables us to deliver greater value to our clients, because the quality of our policy depends on the variety of coverage options we have to choose from.

We started by serving a small community on the central coast of California.  Over time, our personal and commercial lines have grown and our service areas have grown with them.  Our dedication to providing optimal policies and to serving our clients’ interests – down the to the last detail – has been instrumental in our growth.  It remains instrumental today.

We’re proud to have developed a reputation for being friendly and professional.  As agents, we’re often focused on having industrial knowledge and product-specific expertise, and we work hard to be as informed, effective, and affordable as possible. 

Our agents have more than 200 years of combined experience, which gives them expertise and know-how that distinguishes our agency from competitors.  Our specialty products distinguish us as well.  These products are designed for mutual water districts, self-storage facilities, mobile home parks, commercial properties, and nonprofit organizations. 

We certainly have areas of expertise and can offer more complex solutions, but we aim to serve a variety of personal and commercial insurance interests and can insure almost any need. 

Overall, we know where our strengths lie, and we use these strengths to provide our clients with the greatest value.  Our greatest strength is transparency: it results in us freely giving information and resources to our clients.  This helps clients make the best possible insurance decisions. 

We get a deep sense of satisfaction from seeing our clients protected without the burden of concern for how their coverage or protection is delivered.  Our clients’ freedoms to live, do business, and ultimately succeed with confidence and peace of mind are elemental parts of the overall prosperity of the areas we serve.

We are a part of various community organizations as well as affiliations including Goleta Valley Chamber of CommerceSanta Barbara County Farm BureauAwanas ClubUnited Boys & Girls Club of Santa Barbara, and the St. Athanasius Antiochian Orthodox Building Project. As an agency we are apart of the International Association of Insurance Professionals and National Federation of Independent Business. Through these affiliations and partnerships we are able to connect with our community. 

  This agent’s unique skills make it easier to stay current on possible changes to clients’ policies and to keep clients informed of these changes.  Our efforts to involve ourselves in our communities are a mark of our dedication to learning and contributing, and they are also a reflection of our desire to be the best insurers possible.


Our Location

Holmes & Holmes Insurance Agency, Inc.

Holmes & Holmes Insurance Agency, Inc.

299 North Fairview Avenue, 2nd Floor
Goleta, CA 93117
Main office: 805-681-0505
Toll free: 866-681-0505

Our Providers

We have been John's client for 7 years and are very happy with the service he provides. In particular, I like that he is always ahead of policy renewal dates and makes any needed paperwork hassle-free. He assesses our policies annually to help us get the most comprehensive coverage at the most favorable rate. I would highly recommend him for your insurance needs.
David Robertson - President, HSN Consultants, Inc.
“Thank you for your strong advocacy and work for us”
Vinita – President, Saint Joseph Supported Living Service, Inc.
Thank you so much for your diligence and perseverance on this. We are so grateful! The process and questions have helped us to identify the areas where we needed to implement some necessary risk-management procedures. We are better for it!
Nancy Martz - Apples to Zucchini Cooking School